George can be contacted by email through this site or on mobile phone:;
His regular club is Herga Folk Club on Mondays
George is also a member of the Mudcat folk music forum.
George's albums No 5 & 6 were produced under the UNLaBELLED / Irregular label and manufactured by Bump Studios .
Albums No 7 & 8 were recorded and produced under the WildGoose Records label with the kind supervision of Doug Bailey.

Folks George admires, friends, collaborators etc:
  • Pete Atkin together with Clive James have produced the finest body of songs the music world has ever ignored. I can never listen to "A King at nightfall", "Carnations on the roof" or "Thirty year man" without getting the shivers. I am also a proud badge-wearing member of "Midnight Voices", Pete's fan club.
  • Robin Bailey - mandolin player extraordinaire and songwriter with a bite!
  • Cloudstreet, aka John Thompson and Nicole Murray, are a couple of Aussie heart-stealers whose performances are never less than riveting. They also have impeccable taste, as proven by the fact that they chose to include the "Mill" in their new album... Another song sung better than I ever can.
  • Johnny Collins was the finest traditional voice that his country has never rewarded. That he was also a great bloke was just a bonus. Unfortunately our good friend left us for the great shanty session in the sky on 6th July 2009.
  • Chris Flegg - amazing guitarist, sweet sax player and great songwriter; I'd hate him if he wasn't a friend.
  • Lorna Franklin is a regular performer at Herga and St Albans folk clubs, often accompanied by Jeremy Kahn.
  • Vin Garbutt is doing me the honour of putting me to shame with his rendition of "The Flowers and the Guns". But he's also got one or two (hah! dozens!) half-decent songs of his own (OK, they're great, I'm jealous - happy now?)
  • Steve Hughes' songwriting/performing gives me courage. He dares, and will win. Remember - I told you so.
  • Mary Humphreys and Anahata are names to watch out for. English traditional music will owe them one day. Soon.
  • Andy Irvine is currently featuring a wonderful version of "Emptyhanded". I only met Andy a couple of times, but he won me over right away with his generosity of spirit. And his music doesn't need my praise - his record speaks for itself.
  • Robb Johnson's writing/performing makes me want to drop everything and follow. Clear vision, generous soul.
  • David Kidman is not only an insightful reviewer and friend but also an MC with extensive experience and a singer of note.
  • Dave Auld is a Herga friend and excellent traditional singer
  • Graeme Knights' singing draws me to join in, and his delivery gives me targets to aim for.
  • Moses and the Ref - aka Christine Connolley and Steve Last - two great performers, individually and together; and Christine has written a couple of corkers too.
  • Pete Simmonds - he is the prime video recordist and archiver of current performances by a wide spectrum of folk artists; 7,500 videos and counting!
  • Mike Sparks' writing regularly puts a smile on my face and warmth in my heart; his "Thirteen florins on the bar" is proof for me that tradition lives.
  • Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer 's music is both firmly rooted in the tradition and very inventive; their playing transports me; their company warms me. Two truly wonderful people, thoroughly deserving of each other.
  • Miranda Sykes is an amazing performer on most things with strings, it seems, and a great singer to boot. She has added her "talking double bass" to George's 5th album ("Ordinary Heroes").
  • Saskia Tomkins is a violinist extraordinaire, and she collaborated with George on his 5th & 6th albums ("Ordinary Heroes" & "For my next Trick")
  • Dave Webber's writing and his singing with Anni Fentiman make me sorry I'm not English, so that I could be proud of them. But I am anyway, just for knowing them.
  • Martyn Wyndham-Read's voice melts steel. His, and Dan's, warmth melts hearts.
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