Me And Mine
And The Folks That I Love
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The best girl North of the South Pole (Vanessa)

Baba (Christos Papavgeris).
A kinder man was never born. I try hard to emulate him in later life

Mama (Olga) with Vanessa.
I don't just take after her - I am her in trousers. The day she went, I was temporarily half a person.

My sister, Hero
(named after the girl in the story of Hero and Leander, in mythology).
We had a deal - I would have all the good luck, and she all the tough times. She stuck to it, and looks different now. But not in my heart.

Vassiliki Zioga (maternal grandmother)

Pappou (Kitsos Ziogas)- fell in love with Vassiliki when he saw her dancing at a feast. He was 17, she 19. He married her like a shot.
A romantic ... I'm supposed to take after him big-time , in mannerisms too - yet I never met him; he died a year before I was born.

Panagiota Papavgeris (Dad's Mum)

George Papavgeris (Dad's Dad). He died in 1922, and my father does not remember him. This picture was in his tunic pocket when he was brought back dying from Asia Minor and was taken by a relative. We only discovered the photo's existence in 2001 - that was the first time my Dad saw his Dad's face.

Baba and Pappou, circa 1950

Martin (son), Becki, Timmy.
My boy, his girl, and my baby's baby

Aliki, my daughter, at 16
She's got a wicked sense of humour and a heart of butter - Daddy's girl

Christos, my mate, better than a brother.
Christmas 1987, St Albans - singing the Byzantine Christmas hymns still in pyjamas

Timmy with baby sister Abi

...ain't she sweet...

Martin, Becki, Timmy and Abi on the "popperty" - April 2006
They are supposed to be moving in by September!

There are others I want to add here too. Not family, but good friends, closer than family in some ways. Some of them however are so recent, that it seems presumptious of me to do so. And some are collaborators, and I would not want to be accused of buttering them up or brown-nosing. But in time I hope that T, PZ, J&J, G, J, C, H, H&S, M etc will join this page. When I twist their arm.

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