Gigging and playing
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North by Northwest Club, Sydney 2006
Practicing "Ending of the Day" with John & Nicole...

North by Northwest Club, Sydney 2006
...and singing together

NFF 2006
on stage with Cloudstreet in the Marquee

NFF, Canberra 2006
on screen at the Budawang concert
NFF 2006 NFF NFF, Canberra 2006
Songwriters' round robin
Bernard Carney on my left, Colum Sands on my right
NFF 2006
Jamming with Rebetiki - "Ala tis!"

Merry Muse, 2006
Merry Muse 2006
"Empty handed" with Ruth Hazleton

Maidenhead, Feb 2002
My first ever gig (thanks, Tony and Pearl!)

Maidenhead Feb 2002

Bishop's Stortford, 2003

La Jeusseliniere concert
In July 2003 I visited La Jeusseliniere, Martyn Wyndham-Read's Loire Valley "retreat", for a 1-week workshop with Vin Garbutt. When I walked into the room, by way of an introduction - we hadn't met before - Vin launched into "The Flowers And The Guns" - which I didn't know he had learned. To say I was gob-smacked would be an understatement. It was an amazing start to a wonderful week.

I thoroughly recommend these workshops held with various "tutors" at la Jeusseliniere; in 2004 I will be joining Harvey Andrews' week, while Vanessa will be availing herself of Dan's extensive collection of "arts and crafts" materials and opportunities. Visit Martyn's site to find out more.

With Vin Garbutt at La Jeusseliniere.
He does my "Flowers" real proud. In fact, he fair puts me to shame when he "gives it wellie" at the end!

Supporting Eric Bogle at the Watford concert. Best compliment of the evening : Eric saying to the auditorium "I will burn George's CDs - don't need the competition". An obvious overstatement and unfair comparison, but I won't forget.

Before the Eric Bogle Watford concert with Eric, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Iris Bishop, Johnny Collins, Graeme Knights (MC for the evening) and my good friend, Tim Frost (organiser of the concert) hiding in the background. July 2003

Watford concert. Out of 300 people I was singing to my daughter in the front row. I think she knew.

Blue Anchor, St Albans 2003

Brighton, August 2003

The UNLaBELLED stable
Brighton, August 2003
With Robb Johnson, Steve Hughes

"Be reasonable; demand the impossible NOW".
Robb's writing leaves me spellbound. And Steve's shuts me up pretty well too.

Herga 40th Birthday party, 2003

Manchester, October 2003
Looking somewhat constipated
The day I invaded Cecil Sharp House - Sharps Folk Club, 22nd November 2003:
Left: With Graeme Knights and Mike Sparks, singing the latter's "Thirteen Florins On The Bar"
Centre: "Emptyhanded" with Graeme
Right: The guitar was getting hot by that time, hence expression of pain (Flowers & Guns)

You can now buy George's music online at Nightcafe. Mudcatters should PM "El Greko" directly.

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