After the Kids
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Master Christos-Martin taking Dad for a ride

Happy times (with good friend and colleague Demos at the Rafina camp, 1984)

...and silly times (1984)

Well, son, it's like this: Daddy kissed Mummy, and...(1985)

Cleaning Aliki's belly button (St Albans, UK, 1987)

Chips off the old block (Netherlands, 1990)

"See you after work, dear"

"..and it's Pull, Boys, Pull..." (Efteling, Netherlands 1993)

First time my son and I played together in public (Netherlands 1996). Piet on the left is another very good mate and plays a mean bugle. And organ. With tulips on it. But that's another story ;-)

Wearing Benin national costume, leaving gift from a colleague (Leaving party, Netherlands 1996)

"Ik zeg adieu, wij twee wij moeten scheiden..."
Tearful musical departure from the Low Countries, 1996. The Von Trapps had nothing on us...

...Hello Dionysos (Greece, Christmas 1996). That was all the furniture we had, until the rest arrived 2 mths later

Working hard in Istanbul (1997). That girl had NO chance - it was obvious who was the better belly dancer!

More happy times in Dionysos (1999). Approaching the end of innocence...

Martin's engagement being blessed by "pappoulis" - Father Spyros, who knew him since he was a lump in a dress, closing the circle (Dionysos, Greece, 2000)

A happy, gorgeous, couple
(Amersham, UK, 2000)

Upon rejoining the folk scene in the UK, I promptly set out to find undiscovered miners' songs (Lake District, 2001)

Breaking down on remembering Mabel while singing "Batavia" at the 400th VOC celebration, 2002.

And the cycle restarts (Grandson Timmy with his Dad, Canberra AU 2003)

"30 years down the line"..."and all along you have been at my side..."

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