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Last train home
Copyright George Papavgeris, Sep 2004

You worked your socks off through the week, at least ten hours a day
You gave your job its share of flesh, and fairer you can't say
It's Friday and the week is up, and sure as facts are facts
It's time to join your colleagues in the wine bar and relax
But as each round just follows round and free the wine flows
You feel a constant nagging from your conscience, for it knows
You really should be home by now, why don't you use your brain
So pay the bill and hit the street, and run to catch the train.

Last train home
Miss this, and you're all alone
Last train home
You're far too old to roam
How long d'you think you'll make it in this jungle on your own
Don't bother with the flowers now
Just catch the last train home.

Once more they will have eaten and the table will be cleared
Once more you will not kiss goodnight the ones that you hold dear
Each week the same old story, every time the same refrain
And all the while you think you're safe because she won't complain
But if she doesn't could it be she knows that you won't hear
And so the time of reckoning is drawing ever near
The friends you're clinking glasses with are only for today
Back home the bill is mounting up and soon you'll have to pay.

Last train home...

You fell in love and swore that all your life you will stay true
And sure enough you meant it it on the day you said "I do"
But then you joined the rat race to provide the best you can
You learned to be a worker and forgot to be a man
Eight hours a day were not enough, you started overtime
And late became later still, you learned alone to dine
The ones you wanted to be with, you left them all behind
A wallet full of money 's not enough, as you will find

Last train home...

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