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More A Way Of Life - Celebration of Herga's 40th Anniversary (Double CD)
Live from Herga's 40th Birthday Party
with more than 30 performers:

Steve Danby, Kitty Vernon, Mac, Richard Mellish, Tim Edwards, Tim Brooks, Kevin Shiels, Anni Fentiman, Dave Webber, Martyn Wyndham-Read, Mick Pearce, Helen Akitt, Sue Tippen, Dave Tippen, Ben Tippen, Malcolm Austen, Johnny Collins, George Clarke, Graeme Knights, Mike Sparks, Christine Connolley, Mary O'Connor, Bob Hambleton, George Papavgeris, Tim Frost, Moira Craig, Oliver Laler, Dave Bryant, Sheila Miller, Tim Johnston, Glen Johnston and the famous "Herga Wall of Sound"
Good Times
Johnny Collins, Graeme Knights, Jim Mageean (CD)
The Sound Of Singing
Kitty Vernon, Derek Burgess (CD)
Billy O'Shea, All I Want, English Ale, If I had a son, John Dameray, Flying Fish Sailor, Fathom the Bowl, Nottingham Ale, Down in your mine, New railroad, Bully in the Alley, Working Man, Aw Cud Hew, my Union, Good Times, Miners Lifeguard, Roll the Union on The Sound of Singing, We gets up in the Morn, Tyneham, Green to Grey, Candles, The Reaper Smiles, The Roses of No Man's Land, The Cropper Lads, Silence and tears, Liverpool Sally, Travel the Country round, Roll me in your Arms, Best of Autumn, Shopping Down in Brent, Little Vagabond, The Blackbird
Now & Then
Johnny Collins (CD)
Coming Of Age
Johnny Collins & Jim Mageean (CD)
Boys of Killybegs, The Centurion, Crossing The Water, No More Fish, She Stands On The Quay, Too Far From She, I'm Going Home To Georgia, Jutland, Martin Luther King, Misty Mourne Shore, The North Wall, Parting Song, Prince Of Peace, River Days, Smuggler's Song, Sailor Town. Rio Grande, Bold Riley, General Taylor, Bully in the Alley, Hanging Johnny, Johnson Girls, Shawnee Town, John Cherokee, Roll Down, Rolling Up Rolling Down, Herzogin Cecilie, Clear the Track, Paddy Lay Back, Shantyman, John Dead, Haul Boys Haul, Blackbird Get Up, Julianna, Whaling Johnny, Stormalong, Rosianna.
Best Of The Early Years
Johnny Collins (CD)
Pedlar Of Songs
Johnny Collins (CD)
All Among The Barley, Unto My Love, Cockerham Devil, Devil In York, Down In The Mine, Penny Wager, Flowers Of The Town, Green Grows The Laurel, Gipsy Fiddler, I Can Hew, Jim The Carter Lad, Jovial Hunter, Cold Blow & A Rainy Night, Logs To Burn, Mare & The Foal, Mars For Evermore, Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen, Old Brown's Daughter, Oxford & 'Ampton Railway, Oxplough Song, The Shepherd's Daughter, Bonny Hawthorn, Thomas Hanley, Free & Easy, Farewell Shanty.

When All Men Sing, Diggery Venn the Raddle Man, Cleveland Steel, What Will Become of England, Knocking at the Door (Idlers and Scivers), Go to Work on Monday, The Key Above the Door, Down the Road, Tenting Tonight, Watch & Chain, Normandy Orchards, The Touch of the Master's Hand, English Ale, The Blacksmith's Son, We Sing Hallelujah, The Minstrel's Song.

Shanties & Songs Of The Sea
Johnny Collins, Dave Webber, Pete Watkinson (CD)
Johnny Collins, Jim Mageean (Cassette)

Blow the Man Down, Haul Boys Haul, Blood Red Roses, South Australia, Leave Her Johnny, Randy Dandy, Fire Marengo, Shallow Brown, Eliza Lee, Goodbye Fare Thee Well, Maui, Old Billy Riley, Bold Reilly-O, Down the Bay to Julianna, The Wild Goose, Hard on the Beach Oar, Roll the Woodpile Down, Dogger Bank, Sailor's Prayer, Farewell Shanty.

(Recorded live in Workum, Friesland)
Randy Dandy, Blow the Man Down, Ranzo Ray, Poor Old Man, Roll the Old Chariot, Serafina, Billy Boy, Roll the Cotton Down, Chicken on a Raft, Ja Ja Ja, Leave Her Johnny, Rolling Home, The Farewell Shanty.
Free And Easy
Johnny Collins (Cassette)
The Travellers Rest
Johnny Collins (Cassette)
All Among the Barley, Nelson's Victory at Copenhagen, Down in the Mine, Sporting Dogs, The Penny Wager, Thomas Hanley, The Devil in York, Green Grows The Laurel, Strike the Bell Landlord. I Can Hew, The Leaf, Sheffield Apprentice, The Mare &the Foal, Wind & the Rain, Old Brown's Daughter, Farewell to the Fields, Free & Easy. Harvest Song, As Our ship Was Sailing, The Cockerham Devil, Unto My Love, Jim The Carter Lad, Barley Rakings, According to the Act, Bootblack's Lament. The Bristol Mail, Mars For Evermore, The Blantyre Explosion, The Groggy Old Tailor, Oxplough Song, Willie's Lyke Wake, Cold Blow & a Rainy Night, Farewell Shanty.
Out Of Fenland
Bob Hambleton (Cassette)
Flowers Of Tyneside
Charlie Hardy (CD)
  • Song Of The Jarrow Marches mp3 sample
  • Yards Of The Tyne
  • Cambrian Coals
  • Flowers Of Tyneside mp3 sample
  • Blood On The Coals
  • Down By The River Tyne
  • Doreen
  • Tyneside Lament
Echo From Afar
Graeme Knights (CD)
Life Is A Song
Graeme Knights (CD)
Millions Mister, Mobile Bay, May The Circle, Sailor's Way, Cavan Girl, Don't Disable Me, Billy O'Shea, Hawks And Eagles, Hooker John, John Dead, Here Is My Home, Lighthouse, Shallow Brown, Thirteen Florins, Pass Them On
Life As Usual
George Papavgeris with J. Collins, G. Knights,
M. Humphreys, Anahata
Silent Majority
George Papavgeris (CD)
Give me the good news, Those who also serve, Life as usual (Rebellion), Thieves of innocence, Strictly working class, I wish I could have met you, By and by, The rain is falling, Sangatte (Underground flight), If I had another chance, Living on the stilts, Tonight no sorrow Hello and Goodbye, The flowers and the guns, It takes a soldier, Lowestoft Rock, Silent majority, Sailors don't know how to cry, Poor scullery maid, Vassiliki, Look away, Busker, Circles in the air, The bogeyman under my bed, What life for a soldier, Recessional
Countryside Like This
George Papavgeris (CD)
Perfect Moments
George Papavgeris (CD)
Welcome in another year, Countryside like this, The mill, Expiree, Emptyhanded, Batavia, Down a country lane, Memories of Salonika, Rain, Remember Joe Turner, When the river takes a tree, Travelling pedlar, Johnny don't go walking with the fishes, As long as someone sings a song Friends like these, Perfect moments, Sound the horn, His picture in your eyes, The friend I never made, Beggar's dream, Letter home, Can I have a beer on you, Sir?, Valentine, Heart of a sailor boy, When you have time, Sailing tomorrow, Timmy's lullaby, Were I to leave now
Ordinary Heroes
George Papavgeris (CD)
For My Next Trick...
George Papavgeris (CD)
Friends like these, Emptyhanded, Vassiliki, Memory, Langemarck, Put in the hours, (Without you on) Christmas Day, Countryside like this, Bite of the underdog, Circles in the air, Valentine, The flowers and the guns, The ending of the day A-begging I Will Go, Glory Gone, Anytown, Sing To Me Angelo, Working Week, Baba, There Will Be Dancing, The Biggest Part Of Me, Watermelon Seeds, Landfall, Reach The Sky, Last Train Home, Silence Of Friends, Just You And Me, The End Of The Road
Life's Eyes
George Papavgeris (CD)
Looking Both Ways
George Papavgeris (CD)
Another Day, Regrets, Rosellas, Toni with an "i", Rush Hour, Apology, Rebetiko, Upwind of Me, Late Spring, One by One, Tsamiko, Pieces, For a Friend, Harbour Lights Handmedowns, Serendipity, Daniel & Ayse, Thieves of Innocence, Miracle of Life, Erotokritos, Love of a Sort, Rejection, Street Life, Life'sDreams/Kite Flying, Azadeh, Hills above the City, When Foxes rule the Street, The last Song.
Going Round Again
Mike Sparks (CD)
The Seasons Turn
Mike Sparks (CD)
A Potato Has Feelings mp3 sample, Jack Hamble (The Gravedigger) mp3 sample, Ain't It Grand, Leather And Last mp3 sample, St George's Day, Sailing Down The Orwell mp3 sample, The Shades Of Love, English Puddings mp3 sampleWhere The River Meets The Sea mp3 sample, Your Country Needs You, Thirteen Florins On The Bar mp3 sample, My Lady At Tescos mp3 sample, Reach For The Gin, Embalming Tommy mp3 sample, Launch The Lifeboat
  1. Reach For The Gin
  2. A Nutting Down In Kent
  3. I Have Served Indentures
  4. Misty Morning On The Orwell mp3 sample
  5. Santa's Shanty
  6. The Anti Shanty mp3 sample
  7. Thirteen Florins On The Bar
  8. My Lady At Tescos
  9. Embalming Tommy
  10. Follow The Hearse
  11. The Greatest Gift
  12. The Seasons Turn mp3 sample
Mike Sparks' Songs
Mike Sparks (CD - no longer available)
Dark The Day
Kitty Vernon, Mick Pearce (CD)
The Jolly Thatcher
The Scrapyard Song
Rod The Drain
Jack Hamble (The Gravedigger)
Newlyweds Reel *
Leather And Last
A Potato Has Feelings
English Puddings
The Song Of The Jarrow Marchers **
The Coaching Inns Of Barnet
Sailing Down The Orwell

My Geordie O, Five pounds, All things are quite silent, The sailor's new leg, Dear diary, Blood on the coals, I only loves Will, Lord Gregory, Smoke in the valley, The burning of Auchindoun, The widow;s daughter, Get her into shore, I live nore where I love, The bonnie Light Horseman, Don't come again, Snows of France and Holland
Some Auld Favourites
Dave Auld (CD)
1. All among the barley
2. All along the Rossendale
3. Fisherman's daughter
4. I can hew
5. Tyne of harrow
6. Blacksmith's son
7. The Carter
8. Rose of York
9. Bonnet and shawl
10. The rambling soldier
11. Five pounds
12. Watch and chain
13. Jennifer's rabbit
14. Katy
15. Sheepcrook and blackdog
1. Billy O'Shea 2. Tom's gone to Hilo
3. Rolling Coal 3. Jolly Roving Tar
5. Roll the Cotton 6. Randy Dandy
7. Frankie's Trade 8. Blow Boys Blow
9. Johnny come down to Hilo
10. Roll Alabama Roll 11. South Australia
12. Old Fod 13. General Taylor
14. Hilo Boys Hilo 15. Paddy lay back
16. Roll the Woodpile
17. Old Moke picking on the Banjo
18. Maui
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