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Erotokritos - The Parting
Original by Vincenzo Cornaro - translation G.Papavgeris - music traditional Cretan
Lyrics Copyright George Papavgeris, December 2008

"Now Aretousa, did you hear? sad news come from the castle.
Your Father banned me from his land, in Barbary to tussle
For asking to be yours for life, being of birth so humble,
The desert is to be my wife, to sand my hopes to crumble.
But how to take my leave from you, and to increase our distance,
And spend my life without your kiss, your comfort and assistance?"

"Your tidings, Erotokritos, poison and bile so bitter
My ears that heard them are on fire, my eyes with tears aglitter
Not even once I could deny the sweet and painful yearning
For I can feel now in my heart the tree you planted burning
Another love can never grow, and never can it flower
Where love like this has taken root and has me in its power."

"Hush, Aretousa, wipe your tears and leave your mournful grieving
But listen and remember well my words before I'm leaving.
To me you'll always be a dream that daylight came to finish
A candle bright that once I held, but rain came to diminish.
Wherever I may spend my days, whatever may befall me
My eyes will see no other face, nor other's arms will hold me"

"Your face is painted on my mind to shine there and to glisten
And it is painted by myself in colours red and crimson
For from my heart my very blood I used to draw your features
And there is none more beautiful among the worldly creatures"
Then Aretousa pulls a ring from fingers long and slender
And with her tears she washed it bright, so that he would remember.

And says to him "wear this my love through happiness and trouble
and every time you think of me, my thoughts of you will double
I may be young and yet my life I'm not afraid of losing
One hundred deaths can never change my passion or my choosing
For I'd prefer this love in death, to another love and living
Since I was born my body and soul to you were meant for giving".

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