GEORGE PAPAVGERIS Number Nine Candidates
(Sequence number backed with Red = recorded for practice, voice hard right, guitar hard left)
1 A few crumbs of bread V A NEW - Translation of a Greek song by the Katsimiha Brothers. I am thinking nyckelharpa for the main riff...
2 When She's Smiling B NEW- love song...
3 Eye of the storm G# min NEW
4 Heart of a sailor boy B Regularly requested (from perfect Moments)
5 Bare foot dangler V C Often requested, this could be the light hearted one.
6 Lowestoft rock V C (from Silent Majority) About the closing down of the last trawler fleet in Lowestoft in Aug 2002. Cocked up recording, third verse missing... NOTE: "Where are they now?" ion the gap bwteen the first two lines and lines 2-3 in every verse.
7 Dreamer V F Old favourite, but never made it before. Seems to go down well. But needs to be slowed down A LOT
8 The price of two cannon balls V F It's been dropped twice from albums before. Third time lucky?
9 Sound that horn V Bb Often requested (from Perfect Moments). About the last hour of the factory shift
10 It takes a soldier V E Often requested at gigs (from Silent Majority). Just the last verse here (it has four). These days I sing it unaccompanied, but we can have accompaniment if we want to. Vocal opportunities?
11 Esperanza waits above D NEW
12 Travelling pedlar C# Often requested (from Countryside Like This)
13 Nanourisma V B (Lullaby) The first song I ever heard. I remember Mama singing it to me and me crying, only half understanding the words, because of the sweetness of the melody. Later I found out that it is a traditional lullaby. I think we can do a very decent job with three voices, me singing the lyrics, you humming harmony, perhaps a drone of some sort - or not...
14 Angel goes to hell D Protest song against persecution of minorities
15 Bittersweet Silence V Bb NEW
16 Columbo A
17 And Then She Smiled C NEW
18 Welcome in another year V Regularly requested (from Countryside Like This). I might tweak the lyrics a little.
Memories are kind V Herga likes it!
Hang around NEW
Farewell adieu V Translation of a 16th century Flemish traditional song (Tina Taylor sings here)
Ordinary day V NEW
Traitor's love V This is Jim Causley's arrangement. Can we do a different one? It needs at least two (and possibly three) voices
Forest of beeches V NEW - Translation of a Turkish song (particularly proud of this one). It is 5/4, but the on-off beat will throw you...
Me and mine V (or "Where is my home"). Yes, it's autobiographical... Vocals in the chorus?
Better Days
Lydia's Song A song for Lydia Hardy (1755-1794), Chesham's early Fairtrade activist